Lucky star


I am a lucky girl in that throughout life and my used panty career my fetishistic interest in fetishes has grown and my eyes have been continually opened to new and exciting ideas, experiences and people. One of the people I have met along the way whom I adore and who has been the greatest support to me, has opened my eyes to another world entirely. It is funny how you can meet just one person and your world can be turned on its head. Quite amazing. I am very fortunate to call this chap in particular a friend. I am not talking a load of bollocks here either, I am speaking the truth, and as I said, I am very lucky indeed. Here is a lovely review he did for me, for you to see that I am what I appear to be: a genuine young lady with an appetite for the wild side:

‘I’ve purchased used panties and personal videos online over the years and have almost always disappointed as my requirements were rarely fulfilled.  I almost gave up on buying women’s intimates but in 2007,  I found Jessica through a Google search. I was particularly attracted by the way Jessica described herself. I could see she was truly into making her clients happy and not out to rip them off when I read the following:

“What is your fetish? Don’t be shy –  I’m not! Do you want my used chewing gum, scat or my spit? Are you into seeing me peeing? Like dirty panties, skat or poop panties?”

I wasn’t 100% sure though, it was purely luck that I managed to find her site again in 2009 which had moved from .com to Searching for ‘UK Panty Girl’ did the trick. I promptly received an email reply written in the same spirit as her website. Back then, Jessica’s website was quite basic but the descriptions, pictures of her and sexy offerings more than made up for it. It is is important to stress, that the way she described what was on offer is the main thing that sold me on her. I have ordered panties from her, video and ‘specific’ intimate items and have always felt at ease requesting what I wanted from her (within reason).

Over a short period of time, I realised that Jessica really is into the fetishes described on her website and at no time does it feel like a con. I was also more than a little surprised that she was not just in it for the money.

What you see on her website is what you get from Jessica, from the pictures to the descriptions, from her panties to the packaging. She puts a huge effort into the packaging and I can tell she goes out of her way to please.

I found it quite a thrill to find a used panty seller who has other offerings and does not make you feel awkward to request such things – Jessica is a gem; one I would happily recommend to anyone who is attracted to the fetishes on her website. ‘ I have withheld the name for privacy. 

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New Panties!

I have another new client who I am really excited about and who has snapped up my dirty thong for sale much to my delight! So it has been taken of off my blog and dirty panty website. However, I have the same design in other colours if you like the look of this one:

I have also listed a pair of well used 100% cotton black full backs £20 REF. 100% Black & this is a picture of the back view.

I also have only one pair of these £20 REF. TIGHT pretty, feminine used tanga full backs which are very tight and really hug my pretty, pink, pussy lips lapping up all my delicious juice. They are 95% nylon and 5% elastane and I have just put them on my site:

Here are my favourate pair of full back, purple panties with a lace front, bow & dimante detail. They are £30 REF. My favourite dirty panties and are very luxurious & dear to me & are featured on my website (but not as a sale item) but I have never put them up for sale before. They are 90% Polyamide & 10% Elastane with a cotton crutch:

All my used underwear tastes and smells delicious once they are moist from my enjoyable panty stuffing sessions. I lick and smell my used goods myself to make sure they are good enough.

Want to know what my pretty pussy smells and tastes like? Of course you do –  email me at and tell me all about it…but hurry I only have one pair each of these dirty knickers for sale for you…


I am very pleased to say my best loved panty selling friend, the one and only Cindy is offering up some fine worn panties on a  first-come-first-served basis. As we know she is a busy girl and usually only exclusive. However, she is as popular as ever and her fans demands will be met for a short while only!

I am offering up my own little treat to you. Just take a look at these lovely full back, used panties of mine:



They are 95% nylon and 5% elastine. Very pretty and feminine I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll wear them for 48 hours with a minimum of 3 FREE pictures emailed to you direct.


They’ll taste and smell delicious too once they are moist from my most enjoyable panty stuffing session. So £25 including worldwide postage and gift wrap, plus free pics of me wearing these worn panties is a very sweet treat indeed. 

Want to know what my pretty pussy smells and tastes like? Of course you do –  email me at and tell me all about it…


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